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The Academy for Visual Arts (AVA) is a licensed community focused childcare center with a niche for infusing visual arts and enjoyment while adhering to the Pennsylvania State Required Education Guidelines. Our vision is a yearlong program with minimal closures. This minimal closure theory will provide parents the opportunity to be present at work more, use less paid time off, and place their children in a safe and trustworthy facility where their children are being well educated and well cared for. In May 2020, the academy opened its doors to infants, toddlers, and elementary school aged children. Our facility provides before care, daycare, aftercare, and summer programs for all children.  

Academy for Visual Art’s mission is to provide optimal academic and recreational experiences with the inclusion of visual arts, which will enable families and children to appreciate a style of education that allows children to learn through experiences they can relate to. 

Educators, care givers, and parents will work together to implement a robust curriculum designed to keep the children engaged in learning. Each room is designed based on a specific art form.  Our aftercare students are given time and space to reinforce content learned in school, create art forms based on experiences, and enjoy a space where their creativity can roam free.  

All educators employed by the Academy for Visual Arts are kind, thoughtful, organized, creative, and hand selected. All AVA staff are Pediatric CPR certified. In addition, all staff  participate in trainings and continued education in accordance with the State of Pennsylvania Education Requirements. 

Unfortunately, finding childcare with this inclusion of the arts is relatively unknown. As such, the Academy for Visual Arts will provide affordable childcare for families along with a curriculum that benefits the intellectual growth of children infant through school age.  AVA is a program designed to address the community’s childcare and educational issues, prepare children for socialization in school, and provide insight through artistic activities. By making use of our services, children and families will see an increase in their child’s intellect, interest, and engagement. Our services will also allow families the time to become gainfully employed.  

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