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"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
Infant Class

Our Infant Classes are available to precious babies 6 weeks through age 1. Our small class sizes offer families an opportunity to create a relationship with educators and keep a close eye on their loved ones. Our infant classes offer DAILY lesson planned activities such as sensory play, music, motor skill enhancement, exercise, socialization, care, and comfortability. 

Young Toddler 

Our Young Toddler Classes are available to our growing artists ages 1-2 years old. In these classes children are provided with DAILY lesson planned activities such as story time, music, yoga, art, sensory and motor skill activities, science and math skills, in addition to constant love and attention provided to each child through out the entire day. 

Older Toddler 

Our Older Toddler Classes are available to our junior artists ages 2-3 years old. Each artist is provided with DAILY lesson planned activities such as story time, music, media, yoga, art, sensory and motor skill activities, science and math skills, role playing activities, and the opportunity to have individualized time with the educators due to our small class sizes.  

Pre School 

Our Pre School Classes are available to our senior artists ages 3-5 years old.  The rising stars are provided with workbooks used to enhance their DAILY lesson planned activities. Activities include independent and guided reading, music, media, yoga, art, architecture, science and math skills, visual art workshops, and more opportunities to have individualized time with the educators due to our small class sizes 

School Age  

Our School Age students are in grades 1-6. These students have the opportunity to participate in our before and aftercare program and our summer series program. Before and After Care provides guided educational assistance, snack, and opportunities for play. Our summer series program is an art based, lesson planned program that offers students an engaging, educational, and art filled summer with opportunities to learn 5 visual arts on a bi weekly basis. In addition to the Visual Arts, students will receive reading, writing, and math skill reinforcement to ensure they are prepared for the upcoming school year. Our Virtual Learning Pod offers families an opportunity to have their children learn virtually by a supervised adult who can monitor their progress and assist where needed. 

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